Natural Resource Planning

Natural Resource Planning is a leading provider of professional services in the science and practice of natural resource planning and management.

NRP was established in 2008 when CEO Rod Knight moved his private consulting business of 17 years to a private company structure.

Our services include:

  • Strategic regional planning of natural resources;
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation advice and design;
  • Technical support for natural resource management projects, including project management;
  • Environmental certification and corporate social responsibility support services;
  • Ecosystem and species modeling;
  • Systematic conservation planning and analysis in terrestrial and freshwater systems;
  • Property mapping and management planning;
  • Flora, fauna and land surveys;
  • Specialist GIS data and services, including integrated products for holistic planning; and
  • Spatial and scientific data analysis.

Our clients include:

  • State and Commonwealth Governments;
  • Local councils;
  • Land management agencies and organisations;
  • Natural resource management bodies;
  • Forestry companies;
  • Private businesses seeking corporate social responsibility outcomes;
  • Organisations delivering environmental improvement projects;
  • National and global non government organisations; and
  • Private landowners and primary producers.

NRP’s business model is underpinned by a proactive research development program designed to maintain a comprehensive, current and systematic understanding of all major areas of natural resource science. We also maintain an extensive suite of customised and integrated GIS data products that can be quickly drawn on to address client needs.

Our three directors have many decades of collective experience in environmental science, protection, management, planning, research, policy. consultation, facilitation and communication across the public, private, non-government and farming sectors. We also maintain an extensive network of associates to provide specialised expertise to our projects and to ensure our project teams have the right mix of skills to deliver successful outcomes.


NRP Water Stewardship Accreditation


NRP has become one of  the first Australian businesses accredited to provide consultancy services on the International Water Stewardship Standard.

The accreditation follows completion of training and recognition of competence, processes and quality control by the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

Further detail on Water Stewardship and our accreditation is available here.